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About Joe

A lifelong resident of Columbus and 33-year neighborhood advocate, I have been committed to protecting the integrity of our community and am an outspoken voice of fairness and opportunity as the city has grown. I have worked closely with neighbors and concerned citizens throughout the entire city of Columbus to preserve homes, small businesses and shared public spaces as a former member of the University Area Commission, Columbus Historic Resources Commission, NAACP Executive Committee Member, Board Member of the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW), and current 27-year President of the Tuttle Park Community Recreation Council.

Joe made a pledge — no corrupt political machines,

no big money PACs and no back-door lobbyists.

Joe's Mission

Over the last four years Joe has been the city’s number one most outspoken critic on tax abatements. He has testified publicly in Council chambers during this time against City Council’s tax abatement handouts to luxury real estate developers, corporate Columbus and its Fortune 500 companies. Nearly all of whom are major campaign contributors to City Council members. These tax abatement beneficiaries and campaign contributors have complete control over the development policies of our neighborhoods and our city’s future. And worse yet, these tax giveaways are depleting the necessary funds to support our children’s education, reducing the ability to provide housing that is actually affordable, increasing property taxes that hurt seniors and others on fixed incomes and dispensing a disproportionate amount of city- income tax revenues to protect the investments of these tax abatement areas such as the Short North, Downtown, Easton and Polaris.  It is time for someone with the political courage and willpower such as Joe, to make these luxury developers and corporations pay their fair share of taxes.           


Joe's Vision

As both a blue collar and senior management worker, I fully understand the struggle of raising a family and the need for business to prosper. The necessity of good paying jobs with health care benefits and a retirement savings plan. A public educational system that will be provided the necessary funding to give our children the chance they deserve to succeed and prosper in life. To set in motion policies that will allow for affordable housing that is truly affordable. I will assure the public that I will hold our Columbus Police Department (CPD), its Chief, Commanders and officers accountable for mistreatment of citizens and any violation of their sworn duties as members of the CPD. To utilize my nearly 40 years of commercial construction experience to promote and give opportunities for good paying jobs to those who are looking for careers outside of attending college. To encourage and assist our resident’s small business owners. Columbus is a great prosperous city but too many people are being left behind while many are being showered with overwhelming wealth. And this is being carried out with the influence of big money that controls City Hall. My vision is to invest in neighborhoods, working families and to empower the people on how they want to see their communities grow and prosper.              

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