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Bring Greyhound Bus Lines Back to Downtown Columbus!

Sign this petition today to tell Ginther and others how important it is to keep Greyhound in downtown Columbus. Our city deserves good, clean, and reliable transportation for all.

Dear Mayor and City Council of Columbus, Ohio,

We, the concerned citizens of Columbus, urge you to reconsider the decision to force Greyhound Bus Lines from its old station at 111 East Town Street. This abrupt relocation has caused several bus operators to either retire, seek other employment, or even relocate. We believe that allowing Greyhound to lease the old station from COTA would not only be convenient for travelers but also create job opportunities in our city.

1. Convenience for Travelers:

The old Greyhound station at 111 East Town Street was strategically located in downtown Columbus, providing easy access travelers. Moving it 10 miles away from downtown would significantly inconvenience passengers who rely on Greyhound Bus Service as a means of travel. By bringing back Greyhound to its original location, we can ensure that intercity transportation remains accessible and efficient for all.

2. Job Creation:

Greyhound's presence in downtown Columbus not only served as a vital transportation hub but also contributed significantly to our local economy by creating jobs within the community. The sudden displacement of Greyhound has resulted in job losses for many individuals who relied on employment opportunities provided by the company. By allowing them to lease their previous station once again, we can revive these lost job opportunities and support economic growth within our city.

3. Safety Concerns:

Moving Greyhound bus lines away from downtown raises legitimate safety concerns for passengers traveling late at night or during inclement weather conditions. Having a well-established bus terminal with proper security measures is crucial in ensuring passenger safety throughout their journey. We propose that the city police should be present on-premises at the old station if it is leased back by Greyhound, guaranteeing a safe environment for travelers.

In conclusion, we strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and allow Greyhound Bus Lines to lease their former station at 111 East Town Street from COTA. By doing so, we can restore convenience for travelers, create job opportunities in our city, and address safety concerns associated with the relocation. Let us come together as a community and support the revival of Greyhound's presence in downtown Columbus!

Petition started by Cynthia Brown, July 5, 2023

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