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Neighborhood Advocate

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Wealthy real estate developers, corporate officials, and others who are bidding on public contracts have poured millions of dollars into my opponents campaign committees for over a decade. And in return, city halls "pay to play" system of government keeps the tax abatements flowing while the rich and powerful call the shots that shapes their future and not ours. It's time to acknowledge that high-powered political lobbyists and their backdoor deals don't make a strong democracy.

For 38 years, I have been involved with almost all Columbus City government departments. Since 1988, I served on numerous city-authorized commissions and grassroots organizations. I have advocated for our unsheltered, against structural racism, for police reform/community policing, historic preservation, truly affordable housing, park land protection and improvements, and strengthening public education. This is central to my persisting fights against Columbus’ tax abatement policies that defund public education and gentrify neighborhoods. My decades of advocacy align with everyday people and grassroots organizations. I build responsible and respectful relationships throughout Columbus with people and professionals who work together to improve the quality

of life of all.

Joe is a relentless advocate for all people and is not beholden to the city's rich and powerful.

As such, he has been or is currently involved with the following organizations:

  • Former Clintonville Area Commissioner

  • Former member & Zoning Chair of the University Area Commission

  • Past member & Vice-Chair of the Columbus Historic Resources Commission

  • Previously served on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW)

  • Former Columbus Branch NAACP Executive Member and Chairman of the Labor & Industry Committee

  • Currently serve as President of the Tuttle Park Community Recreation Council and for the past 32 years

  • NCS and NCIL girls’ softball and boy’s baseball assistant coach

  • Former head basketball coach for boy’s high school Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) parish team

  • Member of the Council of Historic neighborhoods and past member of the Clintonville Area Commission’s Historic Buildings sub-committee.

  • Involved with the Little Turtle Civic Association in their fight against the city's corrupt and unethical Little Turtle Roadway Improvement Project.

Grassroots campaign

  • As the Vice-President of PEER (Progress for Environmental and Economic Responsibility) our organization spearheaded the defeat of the Morse-Bethel Connector as a ballot initiative.

  • Joe was directly involved with the 1997 Voters Against Stadium Taxes (VAST campaign) while defeating a ballot issue which would have increased our sales taxes to pay for Nationwide Arena.

  • Opposed housing developments that would negatively impact the Pickerington Ponds Wildlife Refuge

  • Fought against ill-advised housing developments threatening the Darby Creek Watershed

  • Fought to preserve the Clinton Theatre, Pavey Square, Clinton Annex, Ohio Penitentiary (some of its buildings) and numerous turn-of-the-century homes, schools and businesses in the University District, Clintonville and throughout Columbus.

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