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Ginther’s Mismanagement of Baron’s Bus Terminal Continues

COLUMBUS, OH – This morning’s filing of a preliminary injunction against Baron’s Bus Company and others by the Columbus City Attorney’s office could have been avoided. Ginther and his Building Services Department have knowingly and unlawfully allowed Baron’s to operate a bus terminal without an Occupancy Permit since day one. In order for this bus terminal to open, they required running water, restrooms, appropriate seating, and adequate maneuverability for buses. And it is documented that Ginther and his Building Services Department officials were well aware of the fact that Baron’s was unlawfully operating in late June and early July. For nearly two months now, they have allowed the terminal to remain open.

Ginther’s July 17th letter to Baron’s Bus President, Thomas Goebel, claiming that Baron’s had applied for plans to construct a bus terminal at 845 North Wilson Road “under false pretense” and that “details of the scope and scale of operations were misrepresented” could not be farther from the truth.

The “Project Description” of the site plans that were submitted to the city and stamped for approval on June 8th, 2023, state clearly, “change of use of an existing fuel station for a bus change depot.” A bus depot by definition is a “bus terminal.” The change in the use of this property was clear at all points. And then there was Building Services Deputy Director Tony Celebrezze’s dishonest statement in a Columbus Dispatch story dated August 1st, “Everything (Greyhound/Baron officials) portrayed to the building and zoning department said ticket sales, but not bus terminal.”

Ginther has had the authority to shut down this bus terminal since day one due to Baron’s operating without an Occupancy Permit. And just as he has for the last 15 years, he ignored the voices and needs of the Hilltop community while endangering lives, neighborhoods, bus passengers, and bringing shame to our city.

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