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"Joe Motil for Mayor" Radio Spot Now Airing

COLUMBUS, OH – Our grassroots mayoral campaign is now airing 30-second radio spots on WTVN-AM 610 and WODC-FM 93.3. At the same time, Ginther fills the city’s trash cans with dishonest, contemptible mailers and runs television ads. Both falsely present my positions on excessive use of force for one night in the Short North when he ordered 150 law enforcement, bicycle and foot patrols, canine units, helicopters, drones, motorcycles, and horses-taking them away from areas of immediate need. Ginther can only quote me completely out of context.

He also lies about his limited, disconnected one-shot gun buyback event claiming it “took 300 guns off our streets.” With no evidence, his campaign blather also claims he is a "champion of mental health and addiction treatment". None of this is true.

As an incumbent, Ginther refuses to debate me or show up in person at candidate forums to defend his record. Of course, he is afraid to do that. All of this demonstrates his failures and lack of leadership. With no concrete record to stand on, he instead allows a research marketing firm, to which he paid $97,000, to pick and choose selectively what issues may or may not be important to the voters of Columbus.

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