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Klein & Ginther Divert Attention from Their Own Neglect

COLUMBUS, OH – As Andy Ginther stood next to City Attorney Zach Klein while supporting “Buckeye Deflection” which is aimed at reducing shoplifting by non-violent offenders ho steal out of desperation, it amazes me that neither of them seem to understand how their own neglect has contributed to this problem.

Klein served 8 years as a member of City Council and Council President. Ginther has served as a Council member, President of Council and Mayor at City Hall for 16 years. Between the two of them, they have dis-invested in the lives of our youth, their parents, and the neighborhoods they live in for years.

They have defunded social needs and public education by giving hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary tax abatements, which would have helped provide decent school buildings and a proper education that would give “non-violent offenders” and others a chance to escape the grasp of poverty. Tens of millions of dollars in city income tax breaks have been needlessly given away by Ginther and Klein to wealthy corporations like Huntington Bank, Nationwide Insurance, and CoverMyMeds – city income tax revenue that should have been spent to improve the lives of those struggling, and the infrastructure of their failing neighborhoods.

Much of the low-level theft of food, basic necessities, and items that will generate a small amount of cash for survival on the black market, is a direct result of Ginther, Klein and City Hall’s prioritizing the needs of developers and the rich over those “struggling in our community.” We don’t need more bureaucracy, gimmicks or another program for a photo op during an election year. As Mayor, my priority will be investing in our youth, our families and the neighborhoods they live in, while putting an end to unnecessary tax abatements for campaign contributing wealthy developers and tax breaks for corporate Columbus.

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