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Make a Difference

My Dear Friends and Campaign Supporters,

The November 7th election is just 3 months away. I am campaigning aggressively and raising awareness of my opponent’s lack of leadership and failed policies regarding crime prevention, affordable housing, tax abatements, neighborhood reinvestment, and other quality-of-life issues. While campaigning, I am gaining new supporters from neighborhoods across the city by demonstrating how different I am from my opponent. The people of Columbus have made it clear that they want to see our current mayor removed from City Hall.

For example, I am fighting against unnecessary tax abatements to developers and corporations that are handed out almost every month. Those giveaways to private interests continue to defund public education and place the burden of higher property taxes on all of us. Unregulated tax abatements cause escalating rents that lead to more evictions and foreclosures. And they add to our growing homeless crisis. Matters will worsen with our county Auditor’s property tax revisions being announced this year along with a proposed November Columbus City School tax levy of $269.50 per $100,000 of property tax value.

Crimes and homicides continue to rise because of the ongoing disinvestment into the lives and neighborhoods of our most vulnerable citizens. Meanwhile, our anti-democratic mayor disproportionately spends our tax dollars on protecting and enhancing the investments of the city’s rich and powerful in areas such as the Short North, Downtown, Franklinton, Easton, Rickenbacker, and Polaris. As our mayor, I will remind our judges and prosecutors that those who are charged and convicted of criminal activity must face the consequences of their actions. And I will not prevent law enforcement from carrying out their duty to protect and serve.

Voters and the media will begin to pay much more attention to the mayor’s race as the early November election day approaches. This means that I must get my message out during the next three months. Your donation to this final stretch of our campaign is of the utmost importance. We need your financial support to pay for radio and social media advertising, campaign literature, yard signs, mailings, more billboards, and if possible television ads.

We share the same passion to make our community a more equitable and safer place for all who live here. You know that my priority is of all the people and for all the people. Your donation is crucial and will help change the political landscape of our city and create much-needed policy changes that will improve the quality of life for all. Together, we can make a difference.

Whatever you can give will tremendously boost our campaign and I am honored to receive it. My thanks in advance for your encouragement and support.


Joe Motil

Credit Card donations can be made at ActBlue If you wish to send a check, they should be made out to Motil For Mayor and mailed to: Motil For Mayor 709 Fairlawn Drive Columbus, Ohio 43214 *Please include a note with your occupation, employer and the employers name and address. This is required for finance reports. If you are retired, indicate as such.

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