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Meet Columbus Mayoral Candidate, Joe Motil

Rudy Would Listen: Stories Behind the Noise

Joe Motil is a lifelong resident of Columbus who was born the 7th of 11 children of a family of modest means. His father was a union carpenter and was raised in a two-room house in a small coal mining town in eastern Ohio. Married for 36 years, he has two grown children and an 11-year-old grandson.

He worked in the commercial construction industry as a Union laborer for 24 years, ran for union president and business manager, and worked 14 years as a construction safety manager before recently retiring.

In 1985, he began advocating for quality-of-life issues in the University District and quickly developed into advocating for other neighborhoods and social justice throughout Columbus.

He have served on several city commissions, been involved with scores of political campaigns having run for Columbus City Council and State Representative since 1995 and citizen driven ballot initiatives on voting rights, tax levies, and development projects that would negatively impact the environment. He is currently a candidate for mayor of Columbus this November.

Experience his story at Rudy Would Listen: Stories Behind the Noise (Sep) 15th 7:30 pm at Up Front Performance Space! Purchase tickets here:


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