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Misleading Mailer

Will Ginther become a real mayor, or remain a wooden puppet?

If you are like me, you recently received a mailer from Friends for Ginther. It is misleading at best, and because of that, we want to respond by helping you to find out what Joe actually stands for.

Here are some quick rebuttals to the false information in that flyer:

  • The gun buyback event did not take a single gun off the streets. Gun buybacks are publicity stunts made to look like someone is addressing gun violence.

  • The comment about added police patrols was in reference to Ginther's ordering 150 law enforcement officers, police motorcycles, bicycle and foot patrols, horses, canine units, drones, helicopters, and cruisers into the Short North for a single night last summer. Many Columbus residents felt it resembled a police state. Joe stated it was excessive and still stands by that.

  • There are press releases on our web site that address the Short North excessive use of force and the gun buyback topics in detail.

  • A Columbus Dispatch story explains the Ginther ad campaign very well. Here is a link to find out more.

Please visit the Joe's Plan page for detailed information about his platform for change.

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