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More on the Greyhound Bus Terminal

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

COLUMBUS - The city's Building and Zoning Department and Ginther continue to cover up the lie. Messer said "the application did not accurately reflect the plans for the terminal." Baron’s application says, "Change of use of an existing abandoned fuel station for a bus change depot.” What’s not to understand, Andy and Scott? It is right there in black and white at the top of the site plan under the bold letters “Project Description.” And you both knew the terminal was operating and you both knew that your department never gave Baron’s an Occupancy Permit but allowed them to open anyway.

Some of you may recall the bus terminal Facebook live video I filmed on July 1st. It was viewed over 3,500 times. I was interviewed by WSYX-TV near the Greyhound bus terminal on July 3, 2023. The WSYX reporter asked Andy Ginther for a comment as part of her July 3rd story. Ginther's reply was, "Greyhound is private property and that issues should be brought to the Greyhound company."

In typical Ginther fashion, he deflects his responsibilities and places the blame on others. Whether it’s our affordable crisis, gun violence, the unhoused, and corruption at city hall. He cannot be held accountable because he hides from reporters and refuses to debate any opponents. He is unfit, undeserving and has not gained the trust of Columbus citizens to hold public office any longer.

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