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Motil Requests Ethics and Criminal Investigation, Appointment of Special Prosecutor

December 15, 2023

COLUMBUS, OH - Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther, who was up for re-election

in November 2023, contacted Environmental Judge Stephanie Ming by phone on

October 11, 2023 in an attempt to influence the judge on a pending civil matter in

which the City of Columbus is a party. (City of Columbus v. Wilson 845 LLC et al., 2023 EVH 060592, Franklin County Municipal Court.)


           To ensure accountability, I, Joe Motil, have requested legal counsel review, advice and recommendation of Mr. Ginther’s conduct.


            It is the opinion of my lawyer that there is compelling evidence that one or more crimes were committed by Mr. Ginther when he attempted to privately influence Judge Mingo. Based upon that legal advice, I have instructed my lawyer to make the following legal demands upon Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein:


1.    Demand City Attorney Zach Klein recuse himself and his office from either defending or prosecuting Mayor Ginther due to a conflict of interest.


2.    Instruct the City of Columbus Chief Ethics Officer to conduct an immediate ethics investigation of Mr. Ginther’s conduct.


3.    Request the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) to conduct a prompt criminal investigation of Mr. Ginther’s conduct.


4.    Request court appointment of a Special Prosecutor to determine if criminal charges should be filed against Mayor Ginther after BCI completes its criminal investigation.

To read the full demand letter from my attorney, Phil Harmon, to Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein, please email

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