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Read All About It

COLUMBUS, OH - By Joe Motil

Yesterday's Columbus Dispatch wrote a story on my attempt to file charges against Assistant Public Safety Director Glenn McEntyre for not identifying himself and grabbing me at the Police Academy on April 28th. I have attached a pdf file of the letter I wrote to the Public Safety Director regarding the incident.

The Dispatch story is posted on its Facebook page and the Dispatch Twitter account. If you are on Facebook or have a Twitter account, your comments would be greatly appreciated.

And by the way, my being arrested along with four others while advocating for the homeless last August, resulted in the city coughing up $300,000 to have 14 homeless people placed in an east side hotel for up to one year. And also, I have attended two of Ginther's press conferences over the last 17 months without being told to leave. As a matter of fact, during Ginther's comments at both of those events, he even thanked me for being in attendance. Your ongoing support is going to make a change in November for the citizens of Columbus. Hope you had a nice weekend everyone!

Glenn McEntyre Complaint to Director McSweeney
Download PDF • 88KB

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