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Columbus Dispatch Ginther Greyhound/Barons Editorial and Letter to the Editor

Photo from The Columbus Dispatch

In case you missed it, The Columbus Dispatch Editorial Board wrote a rather unfavorable editorial on Ginther's lack of leadership, vision, and unethical handling on the Greyhound/Baron's bus depot. Below is a link to the editorial from last Sunday and below that is my Letter to the Editor that was published this past Wednesday.


My attorney is still pursuing legal avenues to have the courts appoint a truly impartial special prosecutor to investigate Ginther's ex parte communication with Judge Mingo. Our request has been recently sent to the 10th District Court of Appeals. Most of you may recall that the city attorneys office apponted Whitehall City Attorney Brad Nicodemus to investigate Ginther's phone call. We feel that a special prosecutor from outside Franklin County needs to be apponited. I will keep you all informed as this matter moves forward through the courts and if and when an investigation takes place or is completed.

ColumbusDispatch Editorial Greyhound 2-4-2024
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My letter to the Editor:

Ginther must be held accountable for tampering with justice

The Columbus Dispatch Editorial Board is right on the money with its Feb. 4 headline, “Columbus’ Greyhound saga disrespectful, lacks foresight”.

During my campaign for mayor of the City of Columbus in November general election I repeatedly questioned Mayor Andrew Ginther why Greyhound/Barons was not a partner in the Link US transportation/mobility plan. The mayor has deprived residents and visitors of a fully functional regional bus service. The Dispatch editorial suggested that “The city and the companies should have worked to ensure a suitable location was identified...”. In fact, Barons officials did reach out to the city for assistance, but were refused help.

Mayor Ginther would not debate me on this issue or any other issue. Instead, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on misleading T ads and mailers. Ginther put politics ahead of important public policy, and has demonstrated a lack of leadership in this case.

Ginther must be held accountable for tampering with the justice system for his phone call to a Franklin County Municipal Court Environmental Judge regarding the Greyhound/Barons bus depot on the West Side. If a regular person tampered with a juror, let alone a judge, they would be sent to prison. It’s time for the justice system to act.

Joe Motil, Columbus

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